Ghosts of Wales by Mark Rees

Ghosts of Wales on the Weird Wacky Wonderful Stories Podcast

Did I ever tell you about the real-life Scooby-Doo dog who hunted ghosts in Victorian Wales?

No? Well, now you can hear all about it in an interview I recorded for the Weird Wacky Wonderful Stories Podcast.

Hosts Shelly and Bella were kind enough to invite me on the show to chat about Ghosts of Wales: Accounts from the Victorian Archives, and lots of other paranormal subjects as well. Topics included ghost hunting TV shows and Wales’ “most haunted” places.

I narrated some tales from the book, including some pesky farmyard poltergeists and “the two-headed phantom of Abersychan”, and it also gave me a chance to talk about some unpublished yards which failed to make the final book.

I was also allowed to get on my soapbox and have a little rant about one of my pet hates when it comes to some paranormal investigators – those who keep their findings to themselves and refuse to share! I’ll be writing a full blog post on that soon, but seriously (mini rant warning!) – if everyone is out searching for the same thing, why not work together like one big happy family and help each other?

You can listen to it on Soundcloud below, or visit their iTunes pages to listen / download there – it’s episode 39, “Mark Rees – Ghosts of Wales.

To read more about these tales, and plenty more spine-chilling stories which have gone unseen for more than a century, check out Ghosts of Wales: Accounts from the Victorian Archives.