Storyteller Owen Staton with a ghostly friend

The art of storytelling with Owen Staton: Ghosts and Folklore of Wales with Mark Rees podcast EP11

Storytellers have that magical ability to whisk us away to distant times and places, and that’s exactly what special guest Owen Staton does in this episode of the GHOSTS & FOLKLORE podcast.

The 11th episode of the Ghosts and Folklore of Wales podcast featuring storyteller Owen Staton is live…. NOW!

In my first attempt at recording a live interview I caught up with my good friend Owen Staton, a Welsh storyteller and a familiar face at many of my “Ghosts of Wales – Live!” events.

Despite all of my technical worries I think it worked out pretty well, and while a few little gremlins did rear their ugly heads, I think you’d have to listen pretty closely to spot them.

Bringing myths and legends to life with Owen Staton

The highlight of our conversation was Owen recalling the eerie Welsh folk tale, arguably a Welsh folk horror tale, of Rhys and Meinir. Set in Nant Gwrtheyrn, it involves a gruesome finale to what should have been the happiest day of the couples life.

But I won’t spoil the ending here – listen to the podcast to hear it for yourself! – and even if you think you know the story, I don’t think anyone tells it like Owen.

We also spoke about some of his personal experiences with what might be considered to be paranormal activity, and his own thoughts on such things as ghost hunting and “ghost happenings”.

So pour yourself a frothy tankard, pull up a pew next to the fireplace, and join us for a tale or two at the time between times…


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