Ghosts and Folklore of Wales with Mark Rees

A special bonus episode of the Ghosts & Folklore podcast for Haunted Happening

The 12th episode of the Ghosts and Folklore of Wales podcast is live NOW, and it’s a special bonus episode recorded for Haunted Happening!

Ever hear about the ghost of a “headless Jesu” who was seen by a man of the cloth charging along a dark Welsh road at night at the helm of a carriage pulled by spectral horses? No?

What about the pesky poltergeists which were scaring a married couple in their new home, and even “some holy ladies” nearby?

In this special bonus episode of Ghosts & Folklore of Wales recorded especially for the Haunted Happening event, I look back at three curious real-life ghost stories published in the late Victorian age by a man from Flintshire.

Bemoaning the lack of contemporary spooky tales, he submitted three of his own to the local press in order to reignite a little interest in the paranormal. Not only is it a fascinating glimpse into the supernatural beliefs of the people at the time, but I think it has parallels with our modern-day approach to things that go bump in the night.

With many people nowadays looking to re-enchant a word which has seemingly lost that spark of magic, could we all learn something from a the man sharing ghost stories with his community?

What is Haunted Happening?

This episode was recorded especially for the Haunted Happening #hauntedhappening event on Twitter and Facebook.

You can follow along on social media, and join in the fun with fellow spooky-minded people.

There’ll be lots of tweets and posts about supernatural subjects, and plenty of authors / podcast makers like myself sharing some exclusive bits and bobs.

Also, this episode in addition to the normal weekly episode, so that means two episodes in one week.

Double the ghostly fun!

To listen to these three spine-chilling tales, some of which originally appeared in the pages of Ghosts of Wales: Accounts from the Victorian Archives, press the play button below… if you dare!

Top three Victorian ghost stories from haunted Wales for Haunted Happening

In this episode I picked three of my personal favourite Welsh ghost stories from previous episodes of the podcast, which can be listened to below:

The Two-Headed Phantom of Abersychan:

A Ghost to Rival Hamlet’s Father in Swansea:

The Real-life Ghost-hunting Scooby-Doo Dog:

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Ghosts of Wales: Accounts from the Victorian Archives by Mark Rees

For more real-life Welsh ghost stories like these check out Ghosts of Wales: Accounts from the Victorian Archives, available now from all good bookshops and online.