Mark Rees

“Mark Rees is arguably Wales’ leading authority on the curious and paranormal aspects of the country’s history” – Western Mail

Mark Rees

Welcome to the online home of author, journalist and cultural adventurer Mark Rees.

For more than fifteen years, Mark has published articles about the arts in some of Wales’ best-selling newspapers and magazines.

He has written a number of books including: Ghosts of Wales: Accounts from the Victorian Archives (2017); The A-Z of Curious Wales (2019); and Paranormal Wales (2020).

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Books by Mark Rees

Ghosts of Wales by Mark Rees

All of Mark’s books are available to order from the books page. Signed copies are available from all live events, and can be sent by mail on request. For more details please get in touch.

The next book to be published will be ILLUSTRATED TALES OF WALES from Amberley Publishing. A collection of Welsh folklore, folk tales, myths and legends, this journey in search of Wales’ most wonderful stories is a companion piece of sorts to Paranormal Wales.

It was originally due to be released in summer 2020 but was postponed until June 2021 due to the pandemic.

Ghosts and Folklore of Wales podcast with Mark Rees

It’s not just spooky books! In early 2020, Mark launched the world’s first podcast dedicated to the Ghosts & Folklore of Wales, which means you can now listen to as well as read these spine-chilling tales.

To check out an episode just hit play below, and to subscribe using your preferred podcast platform (Apple/ Google/ Spotify etc.) and for a full list of episodes check out the Ghosts & Folklore of Wales podcast page.

Live events and book launches

The Victorian Ghost Hunters at ASSAP’s Seriously Strange conference. Photo by Dave Wood.

Mark Rees has hosted events and presented talks and lectures throughout the UK.

To enquire about availability, please get in touch.

Sadly, public events are currently on-hold, and Mark has therefore been forced to postpone his Paranormal Wales Halloween book launch.

He will, however, be recording a special episode of the Ghosts & Folklore of Wales podcast instead – a “virtual” book launch, if you will. In addition, he will be joined by many a special guest.

It promises to be an eventful experience, and something of a step into the unknown – we’ve grown to expect the unexpected at the Ghosts of Wales Live! events, so who knows what will happen online. Or in other words, cross your fingers and watch this space!

Be sure to check out the Halloween podcast page for full details of how to join in.

Mark’s newsletter and podcast

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