Mark Rees' Art Scene in Swansea's The Bay magazine

New visual arts column looks at the rebirth of Wales’ longest-running independent art gallery

The July issue of The Bay magazine contains the first of my new regular visual arts columns.

To kick things off, I’ve started with a look back at the history of Wales longest-running independent art gallery, which reopens this weekend.

The Attic Gallery in Swansea came perilously close to closing its doors for good this year, before being saved at the eleventh hour by a pair of art lovers from the city.

Mark Rees in Swansea's Attic Gallery

Mark Rees in Swansea’s Attic Gallery

For more than three decades, Alexandra and David Roe were at the helm of the artistic institution perched on a corner of the Maritime Quarter. But following their decision to retire, the search to find suitable new owners for the art space began in earnest.

On Saturday, July 14, long-standing customers, and now directors of the gallery, Lisa and Andrew Green, will open their doors to the public for the very first time. Their debut exhibition will be the annual Summer Group Show which, quite appropriately, mirrors the gallery’s debut exhibition from 56 years ago.

There’ll be paintings, sculpture, glasswork, pottery and original prints on display from around 50 artists, including Glenys Cour, David Carpanini, Karel Lek, George Little and Helen Sinclair.