A ghost tour in Wales‘ ”most haunted” National Trust property, witchcraft and demons: November on the Ghosts and Folklore of Wales podcast

Ghosts and Folklore of Wales with Mark Rees podcast

The highlight of November on the Ghosts and Folklore of Wales podcast was a ghost hunt at Newton House, Wales’ “most haunted” National Trust location in Wales, in which Mark joined tour guide Ronnie and a brave gang of members of the public for a Halloween night to remember. It starts on episode 75 with a look at the history of the property – including its ghosts and folklore – with the live investigation following on episode 76. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also episodes about a man of the cloth summoning demons in the forest, and the tormented souls trapped in the “well of evil”!

EP78 The Well of Evil: Witchcraft and tormented spirits in the Welsh wells

There’s witchcraft, tormented spirits, curses, the well of evil and even a bit of good old-fashioned Wicker Man style paganism in this episode of watery folklore.

These tales concern the folklore of Welsh wells, a source of not only water but magical power for centuries that could be used for good and bad magic.

In some cases, a Pagan tradition can be used to summon rain in times of drought. But in other cases, a lost soul appears to be damned inside a well and calls for help.

EP77 The Magic Circle and the Spirit from Hell: Demons in the Welsh forest

A man of God is accused by his fellow reverends of making a pact with the Devil in return for supernatural powers.

According to the tale, he would sneak off into the forest and summon evil spirits in a magic circle, and on one fateful night of conjuring it backfired on him and he paid the ultimate price. 

Is there any truth to this tale of a holy man turning to the dark side and committing the ultimate sin? And if so, what powers did he receive in return?

EP76 Wales‘ ”Most Haunted” National Trust Property: A ghost tour at Newton House

Dare you go on a “live” ghost tour at Wales’ “most haunted” National Trust property?

On Halloween, Mark Rees joined Ronnie – Wales’ finest spooky tour guide – and a gang of unsuspecting members of the public for a creepy night to remember at Newton House, Dinefwr.

Sitting in the heart of a medieval deer park near Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, the property is said to be not only the NT’s “most haunted” Welsh location, but their fourth in all the UK, and the grand manor house has a long and colourful history.

During this tour strange sights are seen and strange sounds are recorded, including bangs, scratches and music from closed-off rooms.

Is this evidence of paranormal activity at the property steeped in Welsh folklore and legend, or could there be a more mundane explanation? 

EP75 The Haunting of Newton House: Paranormal activity at Dinefwr

Newton House in Dinefwr has long been the scene of inexplicable paranormal activity. In fact, the National Trust call it their “most haunted” location in all of Wales, and their fourth “most haunted” place in all the UK.

The estate in Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire, has a long and colourful history steeped in Welsh folklore, from the castle on the grounds to the mythical white cattle which roam its lands.

But the manor house itself has a more macabre past, with tales of ghostly cigar smoking, tragic white ladies, servants who continue to work after shuffling off this mortal coil, and children who play games from the “other side.”

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