POSTPONED: Supernatural Evening: Ghosts of Wales in Carmarthenshire

Ghosts of Wales by Mark Rees

Important update: This “Supernatural Evening” event has been postponed

Sadly, due to reasons beyond of my control, the organisers have been forced to postpone the “Supernatural Evening” that I was due to appear at in Carmarthenshire on Sunday, July 15, 2018.

The original details remain below, and I will update this page if / when a new date is announced.

Sorry! For future events, please keep an eye on the events page.

Details for the original event:

There’s going to be a “Supernatural Evening” in Carmarthenshire this weekend, and I’ll be popping along to tell a few spooky tales, and sign some copies of Ghosts of Wales: Accounts from the Victorian Archives.

The event will take  place at The Thomas Arms in Llanelli, a pub with a reputation of being haunted, and will include a tour of the venue’s cellar and other spooky areas.

When I was putting the finishing touches to the first Ghosts of Wales book, there were a number of stories which just missed out due to the final word count.

One was an account of a spiritualist medium working in Llanelli, and what happened one fateful night when a gang of locals paid a visit to conduct a séance.

In the end, I decided to chop it from the final draft because it shared a lot of similarities to another yarn from Swansea. But even so, it’s still a great little spine-chiller, and will be one of the stories I’ll be telling on the night.

For full details, check out the poster below…

What is Ghosts of Wales?

Ghosts of Wales from Mark Rees - books, podcast and events from haunted Wales
Ghosts of Wales from Mark Rees – books, podcast and events from haunted Wales

Ghosts of Wales is the collective name given to a series of books, events and most recently a podcast from Welsh author and journalist Mark Rees.

You can read all about them on the dedicated Ghosts of Wales page.

Here’s the publisher’s info on the back of the Victorian Archives book, which can be bought from the books page and online here:

“Do you believe in ghosts? Then attend to my story! Laugh as we may at the idea of ghosts, people do believe in ghosts, and fear them.”

In the Victorian era, sensational ghost stories made headline news.

Spine-chilling reports of two-headed phantoms, murdered knights and spectral locomotives filled the press. Spirits communicated with the living at dark séances, forced terrified families to flee their homes, and caused frightened workers to down their tools at the haunted mines.

This book – Ghosts of Wales: Accounts from the Victorian Archives – reveals for the first time more than 50 hair-raising – and in some cases, comical – real life accounts from Wales dating from 1837 to 1901.

Unearthed from the newspaper archives, they include chilling prophecies from beyond the grave, poltergeists who terrorised the industrial communities, and more than a few ingenious hoaxes along the way.

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