Podcast: The Haunted Highway – A Ghosts of Wales tale

Ghosts and Folklore of Wales with Mark Rees podcast

EP40 The Haunted Highway: A phantom coach and ice-cold apparitions have been haunting a lonely Welsh road for centuries. It’s time to go ghost hunting on the Ghosts and Folklore podcast!

The Haunted Highway: Phantom Coaches and the Ice-cold Ghosts

For centuries, a phantom coach has been spotted travelling along the same Welsh road.

And while the times might have changed, this carriage with it’s black horses and eerie passenger continue to travel at speed after night has fallen.

If that wasn’t eerie enough, ghostly women have also been seen along the same route, seemingly waiting for their coach to arrive. 

What does it all mean?

Join Mark Rees (author of Ghosts of Wales) for a paranormal investigation on episode 40 of the Ghosts and Folklore of Wales podcast … if you dare!

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Ghosts of Wales by Mark Rees, host of the Ghosts of Wales podcast

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Wales is said to be the most haunted country in the world. Restless spirits roam the ancient land, from the lofty peaks of Snowdonia to the dark depths of the abandoned mines. In Paranormal Wales author Mark Rees takes the reader on a spine-chilling journey to dozens of these locations, which include well-known tourist landmarks and more secluded spots well off the beaten track.