Support the Ghosts and Folklore of Wales podcast with a coffee!

If you enjoy the Ghosts and Folklore of Wales podcast, or any of Mark’s weird and wonderful work, you can now show your support and appreciation by buying Mark a coffee (or two!) on Ko-fi. Here’s Mark’s welcome message from the Ko-fi site:

Hello and welcome to the Ghost and Folklore fundraising page.

I’m Mark Rees, and I feel like I’m writing the opening lines to one of my podcast episodes here!

As you may or may not know, creating the Ghosts and Folklore of Wales podcast is a one-man job – I research, write, record, produce, upload and share every episode myself, along with maintaining and creating “content” for all of the social media profiles and websites.

When an episode is finished, I then give it away for free on the Internet out of the kindness of my heart – what can I say, I’m just a nice person!

But while the podcast is free to anyone and everyone who wants to listen – which is exactly how it should be – I personally lose money with each episode.

Besides the long hours I spend working on it when I should be earning a living (ha!), there’s also the website hosting costs and podcast hosting costs, as well as plenty of additional extras like artwork and domain names which all add up.

But most importantly of all, I drink a LOT of coffee when working on this podcast – in fact, you could say it’s powered by coffee, and you’ll notice that if I start talking slowly on an episode I’m clearly running low on beans.

As such, if you could spare a donation of any size to help finance my exploration into the weird and wonderful subjects of Wales and the world (and fund my coffee addiction), that would be amazing.

In return, I will continue to upload episodes and share all sorts of nonsense you didn’t realise you needed to known on social media as regularly as possible.

Thank you very much/ diolch yn fawr iawn for joining me on this crazy quest into the unknown,

And until next time…

Nos da!


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