A curious night at Swansea Museum with Mark Rees

The Swansea Devil and The A-Z of Curious Wales by Mark Rees

Please join me for a curious night at Swansea Museum!

Is the Swansea Devil really cursed? We’re about to find out on what promises to be the most curious night in Swansea Museum’s illustrious history!

In search of the curse

It sounds like an unlikely story, but the Swansea Devil is said to be cursed and, as such, was responsible for burning down a church.

To find out for certain, a world-exclusive paranormal experiment will be conducted at Swansea Museum to establish once and for all if there’s any truth to the legend.

On Friday, August 2, 6.30pm, writer Mark Rees will launch his new book THE A-Z OF CURIOUS WALES with an evening’s entertainments at the historic venue.

The author will be in conversation with Swansea Sound favourite Phil Hoyles, and will be joined by some special guests for an hour or so of storytelling, talks, and a few spooky surprises along the way.

Also joining in the curious fun will be one of Wales’ leading paranormal investigation groups, Cymru Paranormal.

The gang will be putting their years of experience to the test by using the latest in ghost hunting technology to see if they can pick up anything unusual with the satanic statue.

The Swansea Devil at Swansea Museum

The curse of the Swansea Devil

According to the legend, a prophesy placed on ‘Old Nick’ at the end of the nineteenth century claimed that he would would watch on as St Mary’s church burnt to the ground.

Perched on the adjacent building, his creator declared: ‘My devil will be able to leer and laugh, for at some future time he will see St Mary’s burning to the ground.’

During the Second World War the church, along with much of Swansea city centre, did indeed get destroyed during the Three Nights’ Blitz. But the building on which the devil rested survived unscathed.

Coincidence? You can read the whole story in THE A-Z OF CURIOUS WALES, and learn more of his move to Swansea Museum in this Folklore Thursday article.

The A-Z of Curious Wales by Mark Rees

A “curious” night at the museum

It would be great if you could join Mark Rees and guests for a “curious” night at the museum:

Where: Swansea Museum, Victoria Road, Swansea SA1 1SN

When: Friday, August 2, 6.30pm

How much: Entry is free

Please in get in touch if you have any questions, check out the Mark Rees: Books page for all available titles, and see you at the museum!