The "most haunted" Prince of Wales pub in Kenfig. © Mark Rees / Paranormal Wales

New book: Paranormal Wales by Mark Rees coming 2020

I’m very excited to announce that the title of my next book will be PARANORMAL WALES – coming 2020!

As the name suggests, it will be a spine-chilling quest in search of the country’s “most haunted” places and, unlike my previous Ghosts of Wales books, will be based on modern-day tales of things that go bump in the night.

My aim with PARANORMAL WALES was to compare more recent first-hand accounts of strange phenomena with those from legend and folklore and, by doing so, to see if any connections emerged between the more superstitiously-minded past and the scientifically-minded present.

It was also important that the majority of the locations could be easily visited by curious ghost hunters after reading the book, and so the vast majority are accessible to the public today.

The Skirrid Inn from Paranormal Wales by Mark Rees. Photo by Sandra Evans.
The Skirrid Inn from Paranormal Wales by Mark Rees. Photo by Sandra Evans.

What’s it all about?

While the finer details of the book are under wraps until early 2020, I can reveal that the five key areas I focused on were:

  • Creepy castles
  • Haunted historical sites
  • Spooky stately homes
  • Pubs and hotels
  • Cultural landmarks

Paranormal Wales – coming 2020

Check back soon for more updates and, if you want to be one of the first people in the world to get your hands on a copy – and to attend a top-secret spooky launch party! – sign up to the Mark Rees newsletter.

Can I pre-order a copy?

Paranormal Wales will be published by Amberley Publishing on March 15, 2020.

It will be available from all good bookshops – always support your local bookshop! – and can also be pre-ordered online from Amazon.

If you can’t wait until then, previous books including Ghosts of Wales: Accounts from the Victorian Archives, are available now.

Got any questions, or a ghost story of your own to share? As always, it’s great to hear from people – get in touch!