The A-Z of Curious Wales by Mark Rees

NEW BOOK: The A-Z of Curious Wales is available for pre-order

My next book The A-Z Of Curious Wales is available to pre-order… now!

You can also have a sneak peek at a low-quality proof the cover (below), which might change before publication (UPDATE: Yes, it did change before publication!):

The A-Z of Curious Wales by Mark Rees

Here’s the publisher’s blurb:

The A-Z of Curious Wales by Mark Rees

“Strange Stories of Mysteries, Crimes and Eccentrics. Why would revellers carry a terrifying horse’s skull on a pole door-to-door at Christmastime? Why is the cursed wall of Port Talbot protected by a global corporation for fear it might destroy the town? How did a Swansea genius help to defeat Hitler by inventing a futuristic radar gun?

From the origins of the red dragon on the flag to the true identity of the Men of Harlech, this compendium of weird and wonderful facts will surprise even those who thought they really knew their country.”

The book will be in all good bookshops in June 3, 2019. More updates soon, and to pre-order visit: A-Z Of Curious Wales.

I’m writing a new “weird Wales” talk to coincide with the book’s release, and will be touring venues / shops / libraries this summer. If you would like me to pay a visit, please get in touch – the more the merrier!