Ghosts of Wales preview: You are all cordially invited to a supernatural soirée

Ghosts of Wales preview: You are all cordially invited to a supernatural soirée

I’m having a supernatural soirée at Swansea Grand Hotel as part of the Swansea Fringe Festival, and you’re all invited!

You can catch all of the spooky action on Saturday, September 30, at 4pm in the High Street hotel.

Full details in the invitation below, and for future Ghosts of Wales – Live! events keep an eye on the events page.

Invitation to the Swansea Grand Hotel spooky party:

Mr. Mark Rees requests your gracious presence at a paranormal party guaranteed to strike terror into ignorant minds. Join him at the Swansea Fringe Festival for a preview of his new collection of hideous tales, Ghosts of Wales: Accounts from the Victorian Archives.

You can expect such ghastly distractions as:

Spine-chilling tales from Wales’ greatest spooky storyteller, Owen Staton

A ghost hunting display from the fearless experts at Cymru Paranormal

Sensational music hall-style burlesque surprises from Bluestocking Lounge

When are where will the paranormal party be?

WHAT: Ghosts of Wales – Live 2017: Ghosts of the Grand

WHERE: The Grand Hotel, High Street, Swansea

WHEN: Saturday, September 30, 2017, 4pm

For more details, visit the venue’s website here.

What is the Swansea Fringe Festival?

Here’s the blurb from my WalesOnline artilce:

The Swansea Fringe Festival is back.

Following an absence of decades, the three-day gathering – originally intended as a two-day gathering, but extended by an extra 24 hours to keep up with demand – will return to the city this weekend with more than 100 acts in more than 15 venues.

Organised in conjunction with the Swansea International Festival and the Swansea Big Weekend, the inaugural festival will be focused primarily on the city’s High Street , and will feature musicians, comedians, writers, poets, artists, food and drink makers, and all manner of other creative types joining in.

You can read more on WalesOnline here.