Ghosts of Wales podcast

Ghosts of Wales podcast brings long-lost tales of real-life hauntings on world's first weekly podcast dedicated to Welsh folklore, myths, legends and hauntings

Ghosts of Wales podcast brings real-life “most haunted” stories to the world’s first weekly podcast dedicated to Welsh folklore, myths, legends and hauntings

You’ve read the books and attended the live events, but did you know you can listen to Mark Rees’ Ghosts of Wales podcast every week on Ghosts and Folklore with Mark Rees?

Back in early 2020, Mark Rees (author of Ghosts of Wales/ Paranormal Wales etc.) launched the world’s first weekly podcast dedicated to the myths, legends, folklore and, as the name suggests ghosts of Wales.

It quickly picked up a growing global following and even a few imitators, and will soon be celebrating its first anniversary – keep an eye out for the birthday special!

Paranormal Wales podcast episodes

Ghosts of Wales podcast with Mark Rees

There are dozens of episodes online now exploring everything from the Mari Lwyd to the Mabinogion,

But if you’re looking for Ghost of Wales podcast stories in particular, we recommend checking out these spine-chillers to start with:

The Murdered Knight: The spectre of a slain warrior returns to a secluded Welsh farm house

A Ghost Story for Christmas Eve; or, Festive Spirits at the Inn: Paranormal activity at a Welsh town’s “most haunted” pub

Ghost Hunting in Wales’ “Most Haunted” Places: Paranormal investigators Cymru Paranormal join Mark Rees on the show

Halloween Special – Ghosts of Wales Live!: Ghost hunting in Wales’ “most haunted” places to launch Paranormal Wales

The Ghost Train from the Future: A paranormal locomotive terrifies a Welsh farmer

Wraith of a Murderer Stalks Abroad: In Victorian Swansea, a murderer – it is claimed – returns to haunt his former neighbours…

The Phantom Carriage and other real-life ghost stories: A special bonus episode featuring three short ghost stories

I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Haunted Wales!; or, Creepy Welsh Castles: The ghosts of Gwrych Castle

The Many Ghosts of Dylan Thomas: Did the Welsh poet go gently into that good night, or does he rage, rage, against the dying of the light?

The Real-life Ghost-hunting Scooby-Doo Dog and the paranormal hoaxers: The dastardly villains who impersonated ghosts in the Victorian era

The Women in White haunting either side of the Severn Bridge: Ghosts that swear at people and dress up in the clothing of the clergy

A Ghost to Rival Hamlet’s Father: How a spook helped the police discover a buried skull in Swansea

The Two-Headed Phantom of Wales: The grisly tale of the ghost with an extra head

Ghost books by Mark Rees

Paranormal Wales by Mark Rees

Mark’s spooky books, including Ghosts of Wales and Paranormal Wales, are available now from all good bookshops. Check out the books page for more details, or order online here.