Paranormal Wales book launch coming to the Ghosts and Folklore podcast this Halloween

Paranormal Wales book launch coming to the Ghosts and Folklore podcast this Halloween

You can’t stop a “Ghosts of Wales” paranormal party!

My new book PARANORMAL WALES was published in March, and the plan was to have a book launch soon after to celebrate.

Sadly, as we now know, March 2020 wasn’t the best of times to plan a paranormal party. Or any other kind of public event, for that matter.

Just days after a box crammed full of of author copies landed on my doorstep, the Prime Minister announced that the UK would be put into lockdown.

Life, as we knew it, came to a halt.

Paranormal Wales by Mark Rees, author of Ghosts of Wales and host of Ghosts & Folklore podcast

I tried to look on the bright side, and thought that by delaying the book launch at least I’d have more time to prepare for it. Also, having a spooky get-together around Halloween when the nights got darker seemed much more appropriate.

Sadly, as we now know, autumn 2020 isn’t the best of times to plan a book launch either.

An online paranormal party

Refusing to accept defeat, I’ve instead decided to get with the times and host an online launch party on my Ghosts & Folklore of Wales with Mark Rees podcast.

But this won’t be a normal episode of the podcast – far from it!

As anyone who has been to one of my “Ghosts of Wales – Live!” events will know, I don’t do boring launches.

I’ve always tried to avoid the cheesiness that goes with some of these ghostly affairs. Just because it’s an event about ghosts and folklore, that doesn’t mean we have to take ourselves too seriously, start talking like Bela Lugosi’s long-lost cousin and play eerie music throughout (although I might treat myself to the odd sound effect or two!).

Instead, I’ll have one or two special guests, some spooky surprises up my sleeve, and my own picks of Wales’ “most haunted” places to visit this Halloween. There’ll also be a Q&A session, so if anyone would like to send me a question for it then please get in touch.

Paranormal Wales by Mark Rees, author of Ghosts of Wales and host of Ghosts & Folklore podcast

How to listen to the Paranormal Wales Halloween book launch:

1. The Paranormal Wales Halloween book launch episode of the Ghosts and Folklore podcast will be live on: October 29, 2020.

2. You can listen to it from the podcast page of this website from 6am (UK time), or download it from your podcast provider of choice.

3. The best way to listen to the book launch – and every episode of the podcast – is to subscribe by following the links below. The podcast is available from all of your favourite pod-tastic places, including Apple, Spotify, Google and Podbean.

4. If you have any thoughts, suggestions or questions for the episode, please get in touch via the contact page.

And that’s that!

Obviously I’d much rather be out there catching up with everyone in person, and fingers crossed all will be back to normal(ish) when my next book is released next year*.

Until then, stay safe, and I’ll “see” you all on October 29 for a Halloween party!


* A quick update on my next book: “The Illustrated Tales of Wales”, a collection of Welsh folk tales and a companion piece to “Paranormal Wales“, was originally due to be published in the summer of 2020. Due to the global pandemic it was bumped back to late 2020, and has now been bumped back even further to June 2021. Fingers crossed it will hit the shelves then, and if anything else changes I’ll let you know…

Buy Paranormal Wales NOW!

Paranormal Wales by Mark Rees

The Paranormal Wales book launch might not be until Halloween, but the book itself is on sale in all good bookshops NOW!

Please join me for a spine-chilling journey to some of the country’s “most haunted” places, where myths and legends stand side-by-side with “real-life” Welsh ghost stories.

Paranormal Wales is available from all good bookshops and online.

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